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Research, had been mine prime interest since school days when our science teacher Mrs. Harpreet Kaur (I am sorry mam, but I can't recollect your exact name :(), inculcated in us the quest for knowledge the instinct to develop new things, thoughts and ideas to constantly improve upon the current scenario.

Over the years, I have developed interests in various fields of Computer Science. I am just a starter in each of these fields, but have an immense interest and instinct to work in these fields.

My fields of interests include:

And here are some of my technical/non-technical papers... Some of them have been worked upon by me in the past and I am in the process of working with the rest of them.

  1. Component and Object technologies (This paper was submitted to CSI - Computer Society of India, Nov. 1999. You need MSWord or MSWord veiwer to view this document).

  2. Future Shock - Operating Systems?! (This is an article, which takes an insight into how different an OS could be in future.

  3. aeon Project (I have further developed the ideas in the above article to form an open source project at All of you are invited to participate.)

  4. I am currently a member of TCG (Theoretical Chemistry Group) at University of Pune, Department of Chemistry and working under the guidance of Prof. S. R. Gadre. You can also check group members page or my page at TCG.