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Future Shock - Operating Systems?!


Imagine this. March, 2020... Genomoid is made public. Genomoid.. an OS very different from today's OS. An OS capable of learning.. not only adapting to the way its is being used by humans but also to the way the underlying machine hardware changes. An OS capable of working and dynamically evolving in accordance with the 'Darwin's theory of evolution'. An OS that will work with 'anything and everything'. An OS that won't require to be programmed but will program itself and generate new programs as and when necessary.. again following the theory of evolution. Now each program will behave like a DNA strand allowing the production of virtually uncountable number of applications(species). The viability of such application will simply be decided by Genomoid using the 'natural selection principle'. The OS will be able to understand it's users using various 'sense organs' (natural speech recognition, pattern matching etc. will be just an important constituent of these 'sense organs')... and the imagination goes on...

Too much? Feel like landed in a totally different world?

Nope. This is a very feasible idea. And that is exactly what I am working on at present. The model on which such type of evolutionary programs are based is called as genetic programming.

A more technical version (incomplete) is available by clicking here.

If you feel that the idea seem to be excellent, we can work together.

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