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Designing and writing software is my profession. And I like to give away all my suits free of cost to any one.

Though whatever appears here in written in pure Java, it doesn't really mean that this part of site is dedicated to Java. But please note that to run any s/w listed below you will need to install JRE1.3 or higher, which you can obtain freely from

As time permits I will be putting more and more programs/suits for Numerical Analysis and Genetic programming to be specific.

I have categorized the programs/suits in two major classes - Commercial free software and Scientific software.

Commercial Software (free!). Click on the links below to download the s/w.


MailSoft v1.0 (client & server)

A simple mail server & client using proprietary protocol. Suitable for small business organizations. The documentation of this suit will be shortly available.


Jaws v1.0

A web server written in 100% pure Java. Suitable at house or for small business organizations. (Get the source by mailing me to


IntellAgent alpha1.0

An experimental artificial life (at present very primitive).


Introspect v2.0

A small and light utility to help Java programmers who don't use IDE. Given a class name, this tool dynamically queries it to find all info. about it. This utility provides clean and simple UI for viewing the info. or save it to a text file. (Get the source by mailing me to

Scientific Software (free!). Click on the links below to download the s/w.


My Math Lab v1.0

This suit covers various methods necessary for a Numerical Analyst, which includes Gaussian elimination, LU decomposition algorithms, (You can get an pre-alpha source by mailing me to


MPI library for Java v1.0

MPI(Message Passing Interface) implementation for Java. This implementation helps Java programmers to write Parallel programs running simultaneously on multiple machines connected by a reliable local area network. (Coming shortly).



A very simple molecular viewer written using C# and .NET. Do not expect a lot from this simple app., it is just a demo stuff. It reads a simple XYZ file (click here to see an example) and displays the molecule using line model for visualization. You can get the source by clicking here.

This is a .NET application so you will need to go to to install the .NET runtime for your platform

If you liked the s/w or found a bug or would like to help me out to develop better s/w you can mail me @

NOTE: Java and related technologies are trademarks of Sun Microsystems Inc, US and is acknowledged here.