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Hello, every body! I am Ganesh.

You can call me with any name you like ;).

I am an Indian and hail from one of its prosperous states 'Kerala'. Though I am an keralait my mother tongue is Konkani. Usually people from kerala speak Malayalam (just a note out here; the word 'malayalam' is the longest palindrome in English!).

Presently, I live with my parents in Pune. I have done most of my education in a near by school 'The Air Force School' in Viman Nagar, so called because it is very close to the Indian Air Force airdrome.

I am a graduate in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth. And have recently completed my post graduation in Computer Science (with specialization in Scientific Computing) from ISSC (Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing), University of Pune. Currently I am working with TCG (Theoretical Chemistry Group) under Prof. S. R. Gadre on a C-DAC sponsored project (for more on this click here).

My moon sign is Pieces and I love hearing to instrumentals very much. The back ground music on this page are tunes of the song 'We are the world'(I don't have the full lyrics of this song with me. So any one having it can send it to me at

Now some good things, that I always love to see; a few photographs of my family and some cool moments.
(Plz. Wait for a few days till i tidy up everything here...)
Me and My Family
Tekadi and Kanyakumari trip
Recent trek to ratangad with TCGians