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Date of birth: 12th March 1980

Gender: Male


Tel. : 091-020-6630913


B-2, Gera Vihar,

Viman Nagar,

Pune - 411014.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. MCS (Master of Computer Science):

    University and Institute:
    University of Pune, ISSC (Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing).

    Percentage: 72.3%

    Year: 2000-2002.

    (Presently in the 2nd semester)

    Course Contents:
    Numerical Methods of Scientific Computing, MIS, Advanced Database Concepts, Programming Practices and Techniques (Algorithm Evaluation, Algorithm development strategies, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence Languages), Parallel Computing (Parallel architecture, Parallel algorithm design), Operating Systems (Theory and practical implementation).

    Practical Achievements:
    a) The Operating Systems course involved simulating a complete multitasking OS. This simulation was performed on RedHat Linux 6.2 OS using the ANSI-C language.
    b) The Parallel Computing course involved writing parallel programs for various Numerical methods on the PARAM at C-DAC. Parallel algorithms for various methods like the Jacobi's method for finding solutions to a set of equations were implimented.
    c) The semesters also involved the design and implementation of a complete commercial web based suit using PHP as a server-side scripting language and Sybase as the backend on Apache server running RedHat Linux 6.2. My project involved constructing a On-line bookshop. High emphasis was placed on design of simple, robust, OO, and extendable system.

  2. BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science):

    University and Institute:
    Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Yashwantrao Mohite College, Pune.

    Percentage: 88.3% (Gold medalist in final year of BCS, 2000).

    Year: 1997-2000.

    Course Contents:
    Elementary Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Computational Geometry, Digital and Linear Electronics, Microprocessors (Study of 8085), Datastructures and Algorithms in C, Programming in C++ and Visual Basic, Software Engineering, Computer Networks.

    Practical Achievements:
    a) Developed a game of TicTacToe. This involved using of 'game trees' to dynamically evaluate future moves on the TicTacToe board. I extensively made use of the concepts developed in Datastructures and Algorithms in C. The game was developed using C++ and the user interface was written in MFC, via Visual C++ 6.0.
    b) A commercial project of stock management was completed for Rajesh Tiers, Pune. The project involved the use of Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end and a small RDBMS - MS Access'97 as the backend. The project was developed on MS Windows platform.

  3. HSC (10+2):

    Board and School:
    CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), Air Force School, Viman Nagar, Pune.

    Percentage: 79.2%. (Biology : 87, Physics : 82, Chemistry : 72, Mathematics : 85)

    Year: 1995-1997.

  4. SSC:

    Board and School:
    CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), Air Force School, Viman Nagar, Pune.

    Percentage: 78.4%.

    Year: 1994-1995.

Extra Technical Qualifications:

  1. Certificates:

    1. HDSE (Higher Diploma in Software Engineering):
      A two years course at Aptech covering topics ranging from software design and analysis to implementation in Oracle8/D2K, VC++ 6.0 and Java. This course involved various projects which are described below:

      1. Expert Doctor: A small expert system for helping an experienced doctor to detect, monitor, and prescribe his patients for certain kinds of diseases (especially Epilepsy). The knowledge base for this project was written in Foxpro 2.6 for Windows.

      2. MailSoft: A completely platform independent mail client and server developed using J2SE 1.2. The project involved using various design patterns like the Observer design pattern, the Iterator design pattern, and the MVC design pattern to achieve complete reusability of various components of the project. The project involved the use of various standard packages of Java like, java.awt and javax.swing.

      3. Multilingual Chat: This project utilized various components developed in MailSoft to build a completely platform independent, Multilingual chat client and server. At present the chat client allows only two languages - Hindi and English.

  2. Organisational Memberships:
    A student member of Computer Society of India (CSI) since 1998. One major achievement here was acceptance of a paper on "Object and Component Technologies" in CSI'99 held in Mumbai.
    Apart from CSI, I am also a member of Sun's Java Developer's Connection.

Work Experience:

Worked at Aptech ltd. as an instructor for Java2 platform for 8 months. Apart from this, I also have an experience of conducting corporate batches for Cumminse, Aptech World Wide and Tata Infotech. The corporate trainings were conducted in Java and Oracle8i.


Genetic programming, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Networks and System Software.


Reading technical magazines, designing my website at and traveling.